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Reinforcement Bar

Continuity Systems

The Roe Group supply threaded bars for the following systems: Threaded Couplers, Taper Threaded Couplers, MBT Couplers, MBT Transitional Couplers

Bar size Article O. D. Length
10 EL-10-A12 17 48
12 EL-12-A12 17 49
16 EL-16-A12 22 61
20 EL-20-A12 27 88
25 EL-25-A12 33 96
32 EL-32-A12 42 107
40 EL-40-A12 52 131
50 EL-50-A12 64 163
LENTON products provide a complete line of full tension and compression mechanical splices. LENTON couplers are the slimmest couplers on the market for tension and compression.
The unique LENTON self-aligning taper-threaded design provides ease of installation, consistent performance and durability.
A completed LENTON splice exceeds the requirements of International Codes including AC1318; AS3600; BS8110; DIN1045; MS146 codes for full tension splices. LENTON is CARES approved under number TA1C-5003 according BS codes and BNFL for TENSION and COMPRESSION.
Type A12 - LENTON standard coupler - most widely used to splice bars. Designed to splice the same diameter bars where one bar can be rotated. Transition couplers for different bar sizes are available as well.
Type P13/Type P14 LENTON Position couplers - Designed to quickly splice two curved, bent or straight bars when neither bar can be rotated. The P13 is used when the ongoing bar is restricted in its axial direction. Both couplers can be supplied in two pieces for application against formwork. The female thread is corrosion protected and is provided with a plastic screw-in cap.
Also available LENTON Bold Couplers, LENTON Weldable couplers and LENTON TERMINATOR (bar anchorages).
All couplers can be supplied in stainless steel AISI 303 or electrolytic galvanized couplers.

Available to suit bar sizes 12mm to 50mm. These tapered thread couplers are installed quickly and easily on site without the need for specially trained personnel or expensive machinery.

Bar Diameter 12 16 20 25 32 40 50
External Dia. d 22 25 30 36 46 55 70
Coupler Length l 58 70 74 90 112 138 170
Weight (kg0 0.09 0.17 0.26 0.43 0.86 1.42 2.22
Torque (Nm) 60 110 165 265 285 330 350
Part No. TTS12 TTS16 TTS20 TTS25 TTS32 TTS40 TTS50


MBT Couplers

A comprehensive range of reinforcing bar couplers available on request. MBT coupler is ideal for use where space is limited.
Product to suit
Code Bar Diam
MBT 10 10 mm
MBT 12 12 mm
MBT 16 16 mm
MBT 20 20 mm
MBT 25 25 mm
MBT 32 32mm
MBT 40 40 mm

MBT Transitional Couplers

This type of coupler allows bars of different diameters to be joined together and are made to order.


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