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  • Kwikastrip®
  • Kwikastrip®

Specialist & Stainless Steel Reinforcment


Reinforcement continuity system for fast track construction.

The concept of reinforcement continuity strip has been in widespread use throughout Europe for over 20 years, and repeatedly demonstrates itself to be a simple, time-saving and cost-effective method of maintaining reinforcement continuity across construction joints in concrete.
The system comprises special pre-bent reinforcement housed in a purpose-designed carrier casing - all of which is fabricated off-site in a factory controlled environment.
On site, the entire unit is cast into the front face of the wall. After the formwork is struck, the lid is removed to reveal the connection legs (or starter bars) laying inside the casing. These legs are bent out by the contractor, ready for lapping the main reinforcement of the consequent pour.
The casing remains embedded in the wall, providing a rebate into which the concrete of the adjoining member is poured, and eliminates the need for traditional preparation (i.e. scabbling) at the joint.

Quite simply, any construction joint in concrete has the potential to be formed by this method. Normal applications include:

  • walls
  • corbels
  • floor slabs
  • pile caps
  • staircase landings
  • underpinning
  • stair flights
  • gutters & chambers
  • brick support nibs
  • balconies
Kwikastrip is the only continuity system of its type to be manufactured under a CARES* approved quality system to BS EN ISO 9002:1994.
*The UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels.
  • Simplifies formwork design - bypass those construction joints!
  • Accelerates pour schedules - suits today’s fast track build methods
  • Easy to use - an answer to skills shortages of ‘chippies’ and steel fixers
  • No formwork damage or wastage - no drilled holes in shutters / no wasted stop ends
  • Enables ‘systems formwork’ to be used - e.g. steel forms / climbing and slip forms
  • Starter bars remain protected and clean - they’re inside the casing until needed!
  • No projecting bars - better working access in confined areas and improved site safety
  • Improves shear connection - provides additional formed joint rebate

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